What?s inside download package?

The download package includes:

  • Installable Master Slider WordPress plugin.
  • Documentation.
  • Codecanyon License file.
  • Sample sliders (all are embedded in plugin)

Where can I find slider templates?

  • Navigate to Master Slider plugin
  • Select/Create a slider
  • Navigate to “Slider Settings” and press on “Choose template” button
  • Choose the template that you want and press save.
  • What is the difference of sample slider and template?

  • Templates are predefined configs made by us to help you create different types of slider fast and easy.
  • Sample slider is already created sliders by us which you can import them to Master Slider to guide you how to create sliders like them.
  • Why background video is not working on mobile devices?

    Normally mobile devices use their native application to play video for this reason Master Slider disables background video on mobile devices.
    You can add a background image to show on mobile devices instead of background video.

    The Masterslider is bundled in the theme which I have purchased, how can I update it?

    As you have received MasterSlider plugin via a theme purchase, not directly, you don’t have direct access to our premium support as well as automatic update. It’s the responsibility of your theme author to included the latest updates of the bundled plugins in new releases of the theme. Therefore, please contact your theme author and ask them about.

    I can't activate/update Master Slider

    You are expected to activate your?license to get automatic update; therefore, please make sure to activate the license in “Master Slider setting > Enable automatic update”.

    Remove left arrow on first slide and right arrow on last slide

    • Navigate to the “slider Callbacks” tab.
    • Select “On slide change start” or “On slide change end”
    • Past the below code on it.
    • function(event){
        var api = event.target;
        var currentSlide = api.index();        
        var allSlide =api.count();
        // remove left arrow on first slide
        if(currentSlide == 0)
          jQuery('.ms-nav-prev').addClass( "ms-prev-temp" );
          jQuery('.ms-nav-prev').removeClass( "ms-nav-prev" );
        } else {
          jQuery('.ms-prev-temp').addClass( "ms-nav-prev" );
        // remove right arrow on last slide
        if(allSlide == (currentSlide+1))
          jQuery('.ms-nav-next').addClass( "ms-next-temp" );
          jQuery('.ms-nav-next').removeClass( "ms-nav-next" );
        } else {
          jQuery('.ms-next-temp').addClass( "ms-nav-next" );

      Please remember to disable loop option as well.

    I am getting this error: "Invalid slider id. Master Slider ID must be a valid number."

    When you intend?to insert a slider in a page in your website, it is important to make sure?the corresponding?ID (slider’s ID) exists in?the slider list page. Because, when you remove some sliders, their IDs would not?be re-indexed and the sequence may broke up.

    As a result, if you have received?the message?”Invalid slider id. Master Slider ID must be a valid number.”, you might have inserted slider shortcode with wrong slider ID, or after inserting the slider shortcode, you have removed the main slider from the slider list page.